• Why to travel with us?

    We offer special trips for single parents, families, students, independent travelers. When you travel with TravelAdventureKids, you will enjoy bloundless opportunities to be surrounded by natural wonders and exotic wildlife, to explore celebrated archeological sites, to learn about different cultures and share in local traditions. Our team love sharing their knowledge and passion for a region and making each experience enriching and unforgettable.

    Each adventure has a designated activity level- from Easy to more advance Challenge, and you’ll have the option to take it easy or push your limits on more difficult excursions throughout most trips.

    We are always searching for a unique, active itineraries for intrepid travelers that feature spectacular places, cultural interaction, and physical challenge.

    Our youngest clients are the best explorers in our trips and they are always ready to tell us what is fun or new or exciting about a destination, then our professional team search for the more accessibly priced with the structure and security of traveling in a small group.

    TravelAdventureKids represents Sagra’s personal and professional ideal traveling  experience. She has han-picked only those adventures, lodging and dining experiences that she would want to share with friends, and she is delighted to invite you to experience them now for yourself.

  • How does a typical day work?

    We design each day to have a balanced content of activity, cultural content, gelato or capuccino and lunch time, shorts breaks, and then any time is possible for those they love jumping in the sea is always a blue clear water spot for us, some free time to be a bit independent and be able to discover things by yourself, and then dinner.

    So a typical day start with breakfast at about 8 a.m., depart at about 9 a.m. for about an hour, have a break, resume, arrive in a village for a snack, another hour of walking, then lunch, then walk a little more, then perhaps a cultural visit/special event, then back at the hotel around 3.30- 4.00, free time, then get together at about 7:00 for an aperitivo followed by dinner. The guides will then brief you on the next dayś activities.

  • How far do you walk in a day?

    We design all our trips, be they walking or biking tours to have about 4 hours of activity per day, with a little more in the morning.
  • How far do you bike in a day?

    On our bike tours we generally cover about 35-60 kms. A day, with optional extension rides for strong rides, and our support  boat and shorter rides is there to assist when needed.
  • How long have you been doing tours?

    Sagra guided her first bike tour in the North of Spain in July 1996 for a company called “Bicibus” (half spanish half dutch). Then she started in 1999  leading tours for Customwalks in Italy and Spain (biking and hiking) and also hiking tour for The Wayfarers since 2001 mostly in Spain (Camino de Santiago and Algarve (Portugal). This is more than 40 tours plus over 60 more tours around Northem Africa and Europe for EF(Educational Tours).

    In 2017 she started the new project called “TravelAdventureKids” putting the best of her knowledge and experience with the best wishes from her and her daughter to explore the world , meeting new people and getting the magic of unknown places around the world.

  • How many people do you need for a private trip?

    We did private trips for just two persons, it is possible if that is what you want to do .Usually a good number is between six and twelve people. This means your private group benefits from sharing the cost of the trip, while remaining small and flexible.
  • Where do your clients come from?

    Most of our travelers are from the United States, although about 25% of our clients are from Spain or Europe.
  • What is the age range of people on the trips?

    We have all different ages, as most of our clients are families (children, grandparents, parents).We also have small groups of friends traveling together  with the majority in the 40 to 60 bracket. And the main clients are at the moment single parents with kids (8-12-16 years old) it really depends of each trip.
  • What are your clients like?

    Usually single parents with kids that enjoy nature and adventure combine with good quality restaurants and hotels that make you feel like at home.Generally, we get fun and interesting people who are curious about the world and enjoy exploring new cultures and the wonders of nature with a good companions.
  • What about travel and health insurance?

    We highly recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance and supplemental Travel Medican Insurance.Should you have to cancel your trip because of illness, injury or death to you or a family member, trip-cancellation insurance protects most of your deposits and payment for both air and land cost. Should you be injured during the course of your travel abroad supplemental Travel Medical insurance will give you peace of mind and the financial wherewithal to cover the costs of medical treatment abroad and repatriation.

    North American Residents: Travel Guard is a long standing Travel Insurance Company. UK Residents: Contact your insurance broker.

  • How many guides accompany a tour?

    We have at least one TravelAdventureKids guide accompanying tours with up to 8 participants. Once there are more than 8 participants, there are two TravelAdventureKids guides. On the walking tours, the guide leads the group, and when there are two guides, one is at the head of the group, and the other is at the back because often the group divides naturally into two groups with slightly difference walking speeds.