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Owner and Manager. Sagra García is originally from Mallorca, Spain. She studied both in The Netherlands and in Spain, where she graduated from Complutense University with a Master’s Degree in Labour Law. She then went back to University, in Alicante and Elche (Spain), where she graduated as a school teacher and got another Degree in Anthropology.

After her studies in The Netherlands (Utrecht) in 1992, she started to travel around the world working as a sports teacher in different international summer camps – like Village Camp (Austria and Switzerland) and Summer Camp Montana (Crans Montana/Switzerland) – as a ski/snowboard instructor, multi-activity sports teacher, head counsellor, mountain guide, etc., for 13 years.

About Us TravelAdventureKids


When she was not working in the summer/winter camps, she was leading tours around Europe and North Africa for a company called EF Educational Tours with American students. After a few years as a tour guide, she decided to move on to more adventurous tours and in 1999 she started to work for CustomWalks and REI in Italy, leading biking and Vespa tours in Tuscany and trekking tours on Lake Como and in the Cinque Terre region, but also in Spain (hiking in Andalusia and biking in Mallorca). In addition to leading tours for Custom Walks, she has also been a tour leader for The Wayfarers since 2002 (trekking tours in Spain and Portugal).

In the meantime she has been creating her own company (since 2016), together with her daughter Carla for a very good reason: she likes travelling with her daughter and her friends and exploring the world with a child’s innocent and curious eyes. Sagra has a playful sense of humour and is a delight to travel with. Sharing adventures with her daughter Carla and making new friends on each trip makes the world a very special place to be and they both help fellow travellers make all their dreams possible.

Our philosophy about traveling is very simple: we like travelling in small groups that have the same interests, i.e. joy for life, sharing good times and creating great memories for our hearts. Of course good accommodation, great food and surprisingly fun situations are always around us, as we bring with us the most positive talismans: our children and their parents that come alone.


What differentiates us from other agencies is in the first place the adventurous spirit making each adventure a JOURNEY and each JOURNEY an adventure.
We are a small family business, with few trips but designed with much pampering and from the heart. Our quality department consists of our younger and most demanding consultants, who always know how to express themselves as to what they like about each trip and what they do not, so we can offer you without a doubt the most fun on each trip with the best Companions.
Our children are the most demanding travel critics and when they are passionate about destinations, they know very well how to communicate that. For this reason, our trips are super fun as well as educational, awakening in each one of us that child that we continue to carry inside and contagious us with the desire to explore the world and continue to dream above and beyond!


Created in 2017, our experience is not only based on our know-how to design routes, but also on our ability to find suitable destinations depending on the time of year and weather conditions, making sure that adventure and culture are carefully combined and the experiences shared with the locals constitute the essence of our trips ... because if places are important, their inhabitants are even more so...
Our companions and local guides are mostly not only guides, but teachers who are accustomed to working with children of different ages and needs in an outdoor environment. In addition, we love to take people to the most authentic places and of course to enhance them with the best hotels and restaurants, which stand out for their touch of exquisiteness and know-how but above all for its proximity and warmth.
In other words, travelling with us means to enjoy an outstanding trip in the company of a group of friends or relatives who end up sharing unforgettable moments in very original and friendly places and with the advantage of not having to worry about all the logistics and with making stressful decisions – that’s why we are there! In this way, each traveller can enjoy the essential without losing the essence of the journey, which is unique for each of us.


Our guides are people with a broad academic education and backgrounds: teachers, biologists, skippers, philologists, lawyers, anthropologists, etc. They live in the countries of destination and know all those nice small corners where you can explore new things without bumping into large groups of people doing the same. The fact of dealing with small groups and organising a few trips per year to selected destinations makes each trip unique and familiar at the same time. The connection that is thus created between the guides and the participants provides our trips with a touch of exclusivity, because as we all know, what makes a journey truly memorable is the people you meet along the way, who will inhabit your heart for a long time after the trip is over.

We always have great local guides or experts for the multiactivity trips, but Carla and Sagra will be always leading the trip with you and giving you support every day 24/7.

About Us TravelAdventureKids


Carla is our youngest guide ever, but a great explorer and hiker. She was born in Alicante in 2009 and since then she never stop exploring new places what is on of her passion in life. She has been for 3 entire summers hiking and living in a mountain hut (2000 m. high) in the Swiss Alps.

About Us TravelAdventureKids


Sagra is originally from Mallorca and she is been living in many different countries around Europe, this is one of the reason why she can speak fluently 5 different languages. For your confort and safety, she is certified in CPR and First Aid.