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This letter is to recommend the services of Sagra García. Sagra has guided numerous trips walking and biking trips for CustomWalks Ltd. Since 1999. She has guided in Tuscany (biking, trekking and  vespa tours), the Cinque Terre and Lake Como regions in Italy. Also biking tours in Mallorca (where she comes from). The groups that she has guided have been groups of between 10 and 16 Americans, Australians and New Zelanders. She has always received the highest praise from our clients. They appreciate Sagra’s warm personality, humour and organizational skills.

I am pleased to recommend Sagra as a touristic guide or for any other position which requires somebody who can establish an immediate friendly rapport with clients but who can also deal with sometimes difficult situations in a responsible and professional fashion.

If you would like to contact me and discuss further Sagra’s work with CustomWalks feel free to contact me: email: customwalks@compuserve.com

Your sincerely,

Brett Naisby

General Manager, CustomWalks Ltd.



Sagra has worked as a Tour Leader for The Wayfarers for many years and I have nothing but praise for the warmth and enthusiasm she brings to everything she does.

We expect very high standards from all our staff and Sagra in variably surpasses our expectation. Our guests have complimented her not only on her knowledge but also on the individual care she shows to everyone in her charge.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sagra and know she will deliver a memorable vacation; she will not disappoint!

Your sincerely,

Michael West

Founder, The Wayfarers.


In June, I participated in a Bike Trip in Tuscany, guided by Sagra García and another guide. While taking a Tuscan bike trip had long been a dream of mine, I never expected that I would have such a wonderful time.

The group consisted of 16 people and we all reached the unanimous conclusion that we could not think of a sibngle improvement to the experience. Part of the magic of this trip certainly was attibutable to the natural beauty of the countryside and the sheer enjoyment of cycling. However, I am certain that an even more important factor were the efforts by our guides to make this the best trip possible.

In addition to being a faboulous cyclist, Sagra enhanced this trip for me through her genuine enthusiasm for the adventure, her endless energy, and her kind and gentle nature. She and the other guide Claire took turns driving the van and riding with the group. When Sagra was riding with us, she was an enthusiastic coach for even the slowest of the riders. And when she was driving the van, she made the potentially humiliating experience of ending up in the van a wonderfully fun adventure.

In adition, Sagra and Claire were both very skilled in blending together a large group of strangers and turning us into a cohesive supportive team. Each night we went to dinner at the charming local restaurant and had a wonderful time together. This is a challenging task with so large a group.

I can think only of the highest praise for Sagra. I feel confident in recomending any trip she guides .

Mary Beth McCarty, June 2001



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Sagra García has worked for International Summer camp Montana (Switzerland) for 12 summer season and winter.

Sagra began working for us as a sport specialist for all age sections (8  to 17 years). She was responsible for organizing, supervising and coaching swimming and mountain bike activities at all levels. She was also in charge of our Alpine Cabine. This involved, taking care of our campers at the cabin, cooking and guided nature walks. Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for sports and the outdoors was greatly valued by both campers and counselors alike.

For the past 2 summers Sagra has been a head counselor for the junior section, in charge of 10 counselors and 60 boys and girls between the ages of 8-9 years.

As a head counselor Sagra was responsible for, organising and supervising the running of the

Junior’s daily and evening progam, room assigments in accordance with parent’s requests, general health and well being of her campers in her section, correspondence with parents and supervising her staff.

A conscientious and reliable individual, Sagra delt with stressful situation with wisdom, efficiency and tact. She is a very friendly person who is always energetic and has a good sense of humour, this helped to motivate those who worked for her. Sagra has an excellent rapport with both colleagues and students which has made her a valued and popular member of staff.

Her understandig of diverse cultures and ability to speak fluently Spanish, Italian, French and English enabled her to work well with staff and campers from different countries and is invaluable in a camp which welcomes over a thousand campers from all over the world each summer.

We would highly recommend Sagra for any position in the sports and education field. We wish her all the best in her new project “TRAVELADVENTUREKIDS”.

Philippe Studer – Tania Matheu

Owners Directors

ISCM La Moubra (Switzerland)



In May, I traveled with Sagra as my guide in the Lombardy region of Italy. I honestly can’ t remember a time I had more fun or laughed as hard!

I approached the trip with some degree of concern because I had been sick prior to departure, and I  was travelling alone. Sagra went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. In fact, on a few of the walks, she offered to walk slowly with me so I wouldn’t feel alone.

What was most memorable though was Sagra’s enthusiasm and sense of humor. I’ve been on other guided tours before, but I had never experienced such a degree of openness and generosity of spirit. Sagra is not just there to do a job, she is there to create and experience, and it’s obvious she loves her work!

Put it this way, I have so much confidence in Sagra as a guide that I have designed part of this web site for her. When you meet her, I’m sure you will agree that she is a marvelous guide and has planned a wonderful trip.

Deb Filman, May 2000